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What is Thyroid Optimization?


VITALITY WORX offers thyroid optimization to people with thyroid problems to bolster or restore their physical and emotional wellbeing. We perform comprehensive lab testing to assess your current thyroid function and then determine the right thyroid therapy to correct any imbalances. 


Thyroid conditions should be taken seriously, so consider having a thyroid therapy consultation today. If you are the victim of a thyroid condition and you’d like to try our thyroid therapy, contact us right away to get started!

What are the Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders?

Sufferers of hypothyroidism report symptoms such as:

  • fatigue

  • poor concentration

  • dry skin

  • constipation

  • feeling cold

  • fluid retention

  • muscle aches

  • depression

  • excessive menstrual bleeding.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy for People with Thyroid Health Concerns


The thyroid is one of the main producers of hormones in both men and women. Thyroid issues can cause our hormones to become imbalanced. If your thyroid therapy has been ineffective, or you’re searching for a thyroid remedy for the first time, VITALITY WORX can help! Our thyroid hormone therapy has been shown to be an effective thyroid remedy. 

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