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Products & Supplements

At Vitality Worx, we recommend that our patients use the products and supplements that are as natural as possible with few fillers and additives.  We prefer to use allergen free products to avoid any possible sensitivities from soy, corn, gluten, and GMOs.


Clinical nutraceuticals are preferred since we can trust that you will get the amount of substance you need.  Since many supplement companies are not regulated, companies that don't sell to clinics/physicians may not have the quality standards in place to ensure the contents match the labeled dosage!

We stock some items in our office, but all products are also available from our online dispensaries.  Click any of the companies below to access your account and place an order.

Supplement Pickups

There is no charge to come into the office for a supplement pickup.  However due to Covid, we must schedule the pickup so that we can serve you quickly.

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Free shipping for orders over $70

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