Holistic Health & Wellness Consultations


Discover the big differences you can achieve with holistic healthcare!  At VITALITY WORX, we are highly educated in a holistic approach to health. We use a thorough intake process for new clients so that we understand how your body is currently functioning, are able to identify causative and aggravating factors to your symptoms, and guide you accurately to help achieve better health.  To reward your commitment to positive change, we also offer packages for common problems we support.

We know that it is important to understand the whole person in order to provide the best holistic services.  During your visits, we take the time to educate and answer all the health related questions. We make sure that clients leave the office feeling well versed about their health condition(s). Clients always learn something new from visits with us!

We Take the Time Necessary for Whole Person Wellness!

Typical holistic health consultations for take about 90 minutes.  We encourage our patients to bring copies of their current medical records related to their condition, such as current and prior list of medications/supplements, any diagnoses made by PCPs and specialists, and recent lab work results.  Depending on your presenting symptoms and your personal health goals, we may also suggest additional or updated lab testing.  


Follow up consultations are scheduled according to your needs and the complexity of issues a patient faces.  The visit can range from 15 mins to 1 hr, depending on the complexity of your health issues.  At the start of the process of returning to optimal health, consultations are spaced at approximately every two weeks for the first month or two. After that, consultations are scheduled monthly or as needed.

We typically review your progress entirely at the 4-month mark.  We aim to have you at self-management of your health by the 6-month mark.  To do this, we spend the time necessary to  teach you about your innate challenging areas, and how to utilize nutrition and lifestyle techniques to support your health and body.  You will learn how to identify when your body needs acute support and how to use high-quality products and nutrition to meet preventative needs with the end goal of bringing balance and restoration quickly.  Our goal is the same as yours - to show you the path to wellness and teach you how to keep it long-term.  Once issues are resolved, we recommend bi-yearly preventative wellness visits.

Supplement Pickups

There is no charge to come into the office for a supplement pickup.  However we must schedule the pickup so that we can serve you quickly.






Patients may also access our online supplement stores!

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