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Christine Briggs Has Retired!


After 30+ years in nursing, my husband and I have decided to retire.  We will be embarking on new adventures with our daughter.

I am excited to announce that East Hill Medical Group has agreed to provide your BioTE® hormone therapy so that your hormone therapy goes on uninterrupted. East Hill Medical Group is an innovative healthcare practice that has been providing BioTE HRT to patients for over five years. I have trusted them to be my personal BioTE hormone provider for the past 4 years. 


For future hormone appointments, please contact East Hill Medical Group at 850-437-0035 to schedule your appointment with their BioTE providers.


Your privacy and protected health information is a top priority, and since I am completely closing my practice, my patient files, (with all BioTE hormone details), will be transferred in a HIPAA compliant manner to East Hill Medical Group. East Hill will contact you with welcome information and to offer exclusive discounts on their many services as a welcome gift.

If you need an appointment with Ramona Shires, RDN, you can reach her at Nature Heals Wellness Clinic - 850-739-1000.  She will continue to support patients via telemedical appointments.


It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve all of you. I am confident that East Hill and Ramona Shires, RDN will continue to provide you with the highest quality of care you have come to expect and deserve.  

With gratitude,

Christine Briggs, FNP-C

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